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When we hear of someone being a bitter person, we conjure up images of mean and ungrateful people. In fact bitterness doesn't always go hand in hand with being mean or ungrateful. Instead it more often goes hand in hand with an inability to let go of some thought or emotion, which in turn, makes someone 'bitter'.

Bitterness, or feeling bitter, comes forth as a feeling. It feels like a black spot or dull ache in our hearts. It allows the rise of resentment, anger and jealousy.

If bitterness is allowed to fester in us, it can lead us to be mean, conditional, miserable and ungrateful.

A bitter person is more likely to make snide or hurtful remarks, because they are not open to healing the emotional attachment which caused them to feel bitter in the first place.

Bitterness can stem from the loss of someone or something, it can stem from jealousy, it can stem from not getting want you want or having something - or someone taken away from you.

It's an emotion which gives rise to feelings that the world is not giving you enough, which can lead to depression, great suspicion and a distrust of other things that may be offered to you, by way of material substance or friendship.

Learning to heal the bitterness can be a lengthy process, especially if the resentments and fundamental causes of the emotion have been deep set for many years.

Once again, we must do our best to remind ourselves that we have made our own choices in life.

Yet when, sometimes, choices seem to have been made for us.
We must remind ourselves that we do not have, nor should we have, the ability to control the choices of other people. If someone has taken certain actions, or said particular things which have caused you to feel bitter, you must try to pull your self worth back up from the ground and ask yourself, Why do you choose to let this constrain you?

When we allow things to constrain us, we are held back, we are unable to fully enjoy the good things that life offers. If you feel like it offers you nothing - it never will. It never will, simply because you will not take up opportunities that come your way. You won't give yourself the chance to experience anything good for the fear of experiencing something very bad.

Bitterness also has a repelling effect on other people. Short sharp comments and persistent No's will prevent people from approaching you. To break the cycle, you can not sit and wait for someone to approach you and make the changes you want in life. You must make the decision for yourself to approach and try to be open about it.

Do as you feel is right, and if it feels wrong don't do it!.
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